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Celebrating 160 years!
here for the list of events commemorating
Historic St. Luke's celebrates its 160th Anniversary

Are you looking for a church to call home? Or visiting New Orleans? Whether you are a cradle Episcopalian, or a newcomer to the faith, or simply responding to the quiet call of grace, you are welcome at St. Luke's.

Sung Mass, Holy Eucharist is at 10:30 AM
Coffee Hour is at 12:00 PM in Gaudet Hall, immediately following the service.

Clergy and parishioners are available during to meet with new and old friends alike.

Please see our calendar for information, call us (504) 821-0529, or visit us to learn more about upcoming events, gatherings, and activities with our faith community.

At this year's Diocesan Convention, St. Luke's was recognized as a Historic Church and was acknowledged for 160 years of serving God and the community. In addition, the Chapel of Blessèd Frances Joseph Gaudet located at St. Luke's was promoted and acknowledged. For the full resolutions, visit or click on the links below.


 St. Luke’s – Historic Church

 To recognize St Luke’s Episcopal Church in New Orleans as a “Historic Church,” being the first congregation formed solely for “the religious instruction of Colored People in the Diocese of Louisiana” in 1855.



 Feast of St. Luke’s Hymn

 To acknowledge St Luke’s Episcopal Church in New Orleans for 160 Years of serving God and His Beloved Community.



 Blessed Frances Joseph Gaudet

 To acknowledge and promote the First and Only Blessèd Frances Joseph Gaudet Chapel located at St Luke’s Episcopal Church, New Orleans.


Welcome to Saint Luke's Episcopal Church, a parish church of the Diocese of Louisiana serving the New Orleans community since 1855! Our beautiful church and campus are home to a vibrant, diverse, and growing congregation who come from around the city and around the world.  We believe that we are blessed to be part of the rebirth of our beloved city and while many of us are still in the process of rebuilding our homes and businesses, we do so with a certainty that God has a plan for us and all of his children. 

We are located at 1222 N. Dorgenois Street between Barracks and Governor Nicholls, in the historic Tremé neighborhood.




St. Luke's Episcopal Church + 1222 North Dorgenois Street + New Orleans + Louisiana + 70119
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