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10:30 AM    Holy Eucharist
12:00 PM    Coffee Hour, Refreshments

  • The sacrament of Confession is available throughout the year by appointment.
  • To learn more about joining the Church through the Sacrament of Holy Baptism or Reception, please speak to the Rector.


  • Red Letter Feasts are observed at different times during the year.  Please see the Church Calendar for special events.
  • Members in good standing and their immediate family seeking the sacrament of Holy Matrimony should contact the Rector.  Episcopalians from other parishes ought to have their church office telephone ours.

The liturgy, or public ritual, of Saint Luke's parish is considered "high church" by most standards.  This means that we have retained much of the historic ceremony and vesture of pre-Reformation Christianity.  We believe that the gift of the most blessed Sacrament of our Lord's Body and Blood is the means by which the life of the world is sustained.  Because worship is the most pleasing sacrifice which we may offer God, it makes sense that it ought to be the best gift it can be; therefore, our services are joyous, solemn, and carefully considered. 

In accordance with the ancient customs of the Church, we chant most of our prayers and readings.  We also use incense most Sundays.  During the Easter season we offer a preparatory service of Asperges (sprinkling of holy water) as a reminder of our baptismal vows.  You are likely to see all of this and more on the Sunday of your first visit and parishioners are glad to sit with newcomers to help then navigate the Mass.  The reasons for such elaborate rituals are numerous, but perhaps the most important to our daily spiritual life is that we seek to engage God and holy mother Church in as many different ways as possible.  By making worship an experience to delight each of the senses God has given us, we seek to immerse our whole selves in work of prayer.

Though there is a learning curve to anything newly undertaken, here are a few good rules of thumb for those not as familiar with traditional worship.  Generally, we sit to listen, stand to sing, and kneel to pray.  There are parts in the service where many make the sign of the cross over themselves, or bow, or even kneel down on one leg.  These are acts of individual devotion and are in no wise mandatory.  Such signs of respect or adoration are often associated with the utterance of the holy name of Jesus or the reception of the Blessed Sacrament.  Not everyone does it, and those who do, don't do it all at the same time. 

The words of our worship are taken from the 1979 Book of Common Prayer, which is the descendant of the original 1549 B.C.P. compiled by Archbishop Thomas Cranmer at the request of King Henry VIII of England.  The 1549, itself, is based on the ancient ritual of Salisbury Cathedral called the Sarum Use.  Within the Book of Common Prayer you will find not only the Eucharistic rites but also forms of morning and evening prayer (called Daily Offices), other sacramental forms such as baptism and marriage, and the ordering of various sacred ministries.  You can learn more about the contents and history of our prayer book by clicking here.

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